Preliminary dates for the rest of the Council Year are: 9th June (AGM), 7th July, 8th September, 6th October, 3rd November, 1st December, 2nd February 2023  and 2nd March 2023.

DateMeeting TypeAgendaAdditional PapersMinutes
9th JuneAGM
5th MayParish CouncilAgendaMinutes
7th AprilParish CouncilAgendaMinutes
3rd March ’22Parish CouncilAgendaMinutes
3rd Feb ’22Parish CouncilAgendaMinutes
2nd December
Parish CouncilAgenda1. Response to Hertsmere Local Plan
South Mimms
2. Design Statement final version
4 th NovemberParish Council plus presentation by Bowmans Cross DeveloperAgendaMinutes
7th OctoberParish CouncilAgendaNew Homes Draft Design BriefMinutes
2nd SeptParish CouncilAgendaMinutes
15th JulyParish CouncilMeeting Cancelled
17 June
Parish CouncilAgendaMinutes
26 May ’21AnnualAgenda:
statutory requirements only

AGAR 19/20
01 Apr 2021Parish Council
On line
AgendaCancelled –
Clerk Zoom
call only
04 Mar 2021Parish Council
On line
04 Feb 2021Parish Council
On line
03 Dec 2020Parish Council
On line
05 Nov 2020Parish Council
On line
Agenda New HomesMinutes
22 Oct 2020Extraordinary
On line
09 July 2020Parish Council On LineAgendaMinutes
06 Feb 2020Parish CouncilAgendaMinutes
05 Dec 2019Parish CouncilAgendaMinutes
07 Nov 2019Parish CouncilAgendaMinutes
12 Sept 2019Parish CouncilAgendaAddendumMinutes
16 May 2019AnnualAgendaMinutes
10 Jan 2019Parish CouncilAgenda Minutes
6 Dec 2018 Parish CouncilAgendaMinutes
25 Oct 2018 Parish CouncilAgendaMinutes
13 Sep 2018Parish CouncilAgendaMinutes
28 Aug 2018ExtraordinaryAgendaMinutes
28 Jun 2018ExtraordinaryMinutes
10 May 2018AnnualAgendaMinutes
12 April 2018Parish CouncilAgendaMinutes
1 Mar 2018Annual ParishMinutes
1 Mar 2018Parish CouncilAgendaMinutes
1 Feb 2018Parish CouncilAgendaMinutes
11 Jan 2018Parish CouncilAgendaMinutes

Members of the public and the press are welcome to attend.

Archived meetings can be found here.