Each year the smaller authorities Annual Governance and Accountability Return (AGAR) needs to be reviewed by an appointed External Auditor.  For Hertsmere this is PFK Littlejohn LLP.

As South Mimms Clerk also acts as the Responsible Finance Officer, SMPC appoints an independent and qualified Internal Auditor every year to sign off on our sub-mission.  This is to ensure transparency and independence.  The current Internal Auditor for South Mimms is Mr Alex Sage who has signed this years AGAR submission along with the Chairperson and Clerk.

All residents have the right to right to question the Internal Auditor and this can be arranged by emailing the clerk.    Audited Accounts and signed AGAR forms are uploaded to the Parish Councils website every year once accepted by the Auditor so are always thus available for the public.  Written copies are also available at any time by request to the Clerk.

2021 – 2022:

All Accounts and Cash Books

AGAR Return Signed by Auditor


All Accounts and Cash Books

AGAR – Exception as under £25k income or expenditure


All Accounts and Cash Books

AGAR Return

Annual Governance Statement


2017 to 2018

2016 to 2017

Archived finances can be found here.