New Housing Residents Consultation

Please find here a copy of the leaflet that should be with all residents of South Mimms by Monday 13th July 2020. There will be a three week consultation period, but this is only the first one and there will be more chances for residents to have a say about the Local Plan for the area.

Once you have decided on your preferred choices, please complete the on-line response form here. Alternatively, you can put your responses in our new Parish Council Post Box which will be outside the village hall (under the Parish Council Notice Board) from today.

Hertsmere Borough Council sub-contract their leafleting services and a small mix-up (due to staff working from home) meant that the copies were printed and distributed early and therefore didn’t include the late change of location for our new post box which is listed at at the White Hart.

Whilst unfortunate, this should not detract from the many hours of meetings and hard work that the Parish Council and Hertsmere Borough Council staff have put into this consultation and will continue to do so through every phase of this work.

It is expected to be two years before any building work can commence, however this first consultation is very important for determining the direction taken from here, so please consider all three options carefully.

Natalie Gettings, Clerk