DEADLINE 26th FEBRUARY: We have just been informed that any residents who wish to lodge an objection to the Goods Vehicles Licence application by the operators of the site opposite Romani, including those that are being effected by the noise and dust need to write to : Gillian Welborn, Office of the Traffic Commissioner East of England, Hillcrest House, 386 Harehills Lane, Leeds. LS9 6NF. email gillian.welborn@otc.gov.uk

Welcome to the  South Mimms Parish Council website where you will be able to find out more about us, what we do and how to get help with lots of things.

Many day-to-day issue need to be reported to Hertsmere Borough or Hertfordshire County Council, so the fastest way to get things fixed or get the help you need is to go direct to them. The Parish Council is focused on matters effecting our village specifically.

However, please do contact us if you have questions concerning the work of the Parish Council, if you have any concerns or village news that you feel the Parish Council should be aware of or, of course, where SMPC can help or support you.

Our five councilors are elected volunteers, so please remember that they are serving the community for free and put in lots of hours of effort. Our Clerk does not live in the village (she is in North Mymms) and only works for us part time, among other clients, so the best way to reached her is by email on southmimmspc@gmail.com.

Our About SMPC page gives some history as to why the SMPC was set up. Please use the other menu options above to explore the site in more detail. The sidebar to the right links to news, updates and external resources that you may find of interest – South Mimms has lots of history!